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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. This walkthrough follows the remade Game Boy Advance version, not Pokémon Red and Blue.
The guide for those can be found here.

Chrono Island

Chrono Island, fifth of the islands

Chrono Island, the fifth in the archipelago, covers another large section of ocean. Water Labyrinth, Resort Gorgeous, and Lost Cave are located on the north side, while Five Isle Meadow and Memorial Pillar stand off to the south.

Five Isle Meadow

Five Isle Meadow is located just east of Five Island. Most of the main island is located on this short route, which includes the Rocket Warehouse.

Rocket Warehouse

Rocket Warehouse

The Rocket Warehouse is Team Rocket's headquarters in the Sevii Islands, and their last stronghold. To confront Gideon and reclaim the Sapphire, Red must navigate through the maze of spinner tiles.

After clearing the maze, Red is challenged by a female Admin.

Once ignorant of her role in Team Rocket's operation, she had always done what she was told. She now questions this role, and flips a switch that reverses a pair of tiles leading to the entrance, giving Red a chance to prepare for the final two battles. The final Rocket, another Admin, accuses Red of sowing confusion among their ranks by claiming that the team has disbanded. He aims to put a stop to this.

Seeing Red's Earth Badge, he realizes that the organization needs to regroup. He vows to find Giovanni and resurrect Team Rocket before he and the others disappear. Continue on to the northeast room to confront Gideon.

Since he cannot sell it anymore, Gideon finally gives up the Sapphire. Take this back to Celio on One Island to fully upgrade the Network Machine.

Memorial Pillar

Memorial Pillar is a stretch of ocean that extends southeastward from Five Isle Meadow.

The southern island is home to the gravesite of a Trainer's beloved Onix, nicknamed Tectonix. If Red leaves a Lemonade, Tectonix's favorite drink, on the stone pillar, its grieving Trainer will give him TM42 (Facade) as a thank-you gift.

Water Labyrinth

Water Labyrinth is a small ocean route that leads northward from Five Island. Surf westward through the maze of sea rocks—with no more than five Pokémon—to reach the tiny bit of land on the west end. The old man on south side will give Red a Pokémon Egg if his lead Pokémon has a high friendship rating. This Egg will eventually hatch into a Togepi.

Resort Gorgeous

Resort Gorgeous is an east-west ocean route that consists of several small islands on Chrono Island's north side. The center island's cottage belongs to Selphy, who is currently away. Lost Cave is located on the eastern island.

Lost Cave

Lost Cave is a tiny island cave that is always covered in heavy fog from the ocean. Because of this, visitors are easily disoriented, and often find themselves back at the entrance. To fully explore the cave, Red must take note of the number of rocks in each room; this number indicates the clock position of the path forward. Traveling in the opposite direction will lead to an item.

In the final room, Red meets Selphy, a wealthy Lady who has gotten lost while exploring the cave. Rather than express her thanks for being rescued, she challenges Red to a battle.

She then returns to her cottage with Red. After that, she will ask to see certain Pokémon, and will have her butler Sebastian reward Red with an expensive item each time. However, she will grow bored rather quickly and ask to see a new Pokémon.

Legendary Beasts

At this point, once the Network Machine is up and running, one of the legendary beasts will begin to roam the Kanto region. The one that appears will have an advantage against Red's starter Pokémon; Entei for Bulbasaur, Suicune for Charmander, and Raikou for Squirtle. It will attempt to flee as soon as battle begins, so use moves like Mean Look or abilities like Arena Trap to prevent escape, and status problems to wear it down. Before you work on trying to catch it through this method make sure to save.

Due to a game glitch, if the roaming legendary beast is Raikou or Entei, and if they use Roar to escape, they will disappear from the game completely and therefore you must use a soft reset to make them reappear, otherwise you'll have to start a new game and go through the main game again to make them reappear. It would also be recommended to use a Master Ball here unless if you want to save it for Mewtwo.

Spr 3r 243.png
Electric Unknown
Held item:
Raikou Lv.50
Quick Attack
Spr 3r 244.png
Fire Unknown
Held item:
Entei Lv.50
Fire Spin
Spr 3r 245.png
Water Unknown
Held item:
Suicune Lv.50
Rain Dance
Aurora Beam

Quest Island

Quest Island, seventh of the islands

Quest Island is the southernmost of the Sevii Islands, and the farthest from mainland Kanto. Its remote location attracts few visitors, which allows most of the island to exist in its natural, undisturbed state. The one area of development is Trainer Tower, on the northernmost island. South of town, Sevault Canyon leads to the Tanoby Ruins.

Seven Island

Move Tutor

The resident on the bridge offers to teach Swords Dance to one of Red's Pokémon. Swords Dance raises the user's Attack by two levels, or 100% of the original value.

Trainer Tower

The northernmost island is home to Trainer Tower, a facility where challengers can participate in several different battle modes: Single, Double, Knockout, and Mixed. The goal is to battle through eight floors of opponents and reach the rooftop as soon as possible; beating the default time for each mode earns challengers a rare item. Battles do not award experience or money, and the levels of the opposing Trainers' Pokémon match that of Red's highest-leveled Pokémon.

Canyon Entrance

The Canyon Entrance is a small route that connects the town to Sevault Canyon in the south.

Sevault Canyon

Sevault Canyon is a long, narrow valley leading southward to the ocean. The difficult terrain serves as a training ground for elite Trainers. A small cave known as Tanoby Key is located on the valley's north side.

Tanoby Key

Tanoby Key

Tanoby Key is a small cave with several boulders and pressure switches. Activating every switch causes a mysterious rumble somewhere far away.

The Chansey Dance

The house on the canyon's south side belongs to a man and his Chansey. If visitors decide to join in the Chansey Dance, the upbeat activity will fully heal their Pokémon.

Tanoby Ruins

The Tanoby Ruins are seven small islets on the southern edge of Quest Island. Each islet holds one of the Tanoby Chambers.

Tanoby Chambers

The Tanoby Chambers are said to be at least 1,500 years old, ancient ruins of a bygone age. With the puzzle in Tanoby Key cleared, several forms of Unown can now be found in each chamber.

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