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Route 120

Route 120 in Emerald

Like Route 119, this route contains long grass that cannot be bicycled through.

Invisible Kecleon locations

There are six stationary and invisible Kecleon around Route 120.

  • On the northern bridge, battled after acquiring the Devon Scope from Steven
  • Blocking the steps down on Scorched Slab
  • Directly above the first sign in the north of the route
  • In the western side between the two Pokémon Ranger inside the maze of long grass
  • North of the westernmost end of the 4 plots of soft soil by the Ancient Tomb
  • Behind the Ancient Tomb

Near the start of the route, there is a small lake which leads to the Scorched Slab (note that a Kecleon guards the path to the lake).

Scorched Slab

This is home to TM11 (Sunny Day).

Left the cave and follow the path over the bridge and through an area with many puddles and several Trainers. If you battled Gabby and Ty in Route 111 and then in Route 118, you can battle them here in the northeastern part of Route 120.

Below the maze, the route continues over another bridge and splits into two paths. The path to the right leads to Route 121, while the other leads to the Ancient Tomb, which is a dead-end until later in the game. Continue following the path east to Route 121.

Route 121

Route 121

Route 121 is an east-west route that will lead you to Lilycove City. It is a busy route and contains the entrance to the Safari Zone and a water path to Mt. Pyre and Route 122 in the south. At the start of the route, a group of Berry trees lies beyond a small patch of grass to the north. Follow the path east, using the Cut-able shortcuts if you desire to avoid battles.

Lilycove City is around a bend at the eastern terminus.

Lilycove City

Lilycove City

Lilycove City is a flourishing city, featuring a Contest Hall and Department store. You can also find the Move Deleter in this town.

There is also the motel, where you can find the Game Freak staff (upper level) only after defeating Elite Four. The motel is currently unpopular due to Team Aqua having raided the establishment. However, Scott will be napping at a table in the upper level.

Finally, in the northwest of the city lies the Lilycove Museum, where fine art and paintings are on display.

Contest Hall

All Pokémon Contests take place here. Inside, there are two reception counters and four Berry Blenders for making Pokéblocks.

Lilycove Museum

The curator, who stands beside the stairs to the second floor, explains that he is looking for portraits of Pokémon. If you win a Master Rank Pokémon Contest with at least 800 points, an artist will approach the player saying he's done a painting that might even look good in a museum, at which point the player will direct him to the Lilycove Museum (second floor). If you accrues five paintings, one for each Contest category, the curator will give you a Glass Ornament for your Secret Base.

Move Deleter's house

The Move Deleter will make a Pokémon forget a move it knows. This is the only way for a Pokémon to forget HM moves such as Cut or Fly, besides using the Day Care. In order to delete an HM move, one must first have another Pokémon with that same move in order for it to be deleted. In addition, a Pokémon's move will not be forgotten if it is the only move it knows.

Lilycove Department Store

The receptionist on the right gives out Pokémon Loto Tickets for the Pokémon Lottery Corner, with the winning number changing daily. Prizes are awarded for winning numbers, which must match any of the player's Pokémon's original Trainer's ID numbers from the last digit to the first one. The second floor is where items to fulfill Trainers' basic needs are available, such as Poké Balls, Potions, Mail, and other items. The third floor sells items that raise the stats of Pokémon, while the fourth floor sells four offensive and four defensive TMs, and the fifth floor sells furniture for Secret Bases. The rooftop has a couple of Vending Machines and hosts a rooftop sale, also here is a trainer who will teach a compatible Pokémon Substitute one time only.

To the east lies Route 124, but for the moment it is blocked by a Team Aqua Grunt attempting to train a group of Wailmer. The Department store is also blocked by the player's rival, here for a fifth and final battle.

252 If the player chose Treecko:

255 If the player chose Torchic:

258 If the player chose Mudkip:

When you've defeated your rival, head to the Safari Zone, go to Mt. Pyre, then the Team Magma Hideout and then fly back here and head inside the Team Aqua Hideout.

Safari Zone

Safari Zone
Hoenn Safari Zone area numbers

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Once you reach the entrance pay the PokémonDollar.png500 at the registration counter to enter. You will also need the Pokéblock Case as a requirement before you're allowed to enter. If you forgot to pick one up earlier then head to the Contest Hall in Lilycove City to pick one up. Also bring a Pokémon that knows Sweet Scent to avoid moving around too much to make the Safari game last longer, as well as Surf since there are a few items across the pond such as TM22 (SolarBeam).

In the Safari Zone there are four areas with different Pokémon, where most of them found in more than one area. While Areas 1 and 2 are simple, the other areas require a Bike to get into. Area 3 the Northwest corner requires the Mach Bike, while Area 4 requires the Acro Bike. Area 3 and 4 also contain rare Pokémon that are only found in this particular location, notably a Pinsir in Area 3 and a Heracross in Area 4.

The Safari Zone is the only place to catch Pokémon that hold the items Sharp Beak and Light Ball. Wild Doduo and Dodrio have a 5% chance of holding Sharp Beak which enhances Flying-type moves. Also both are good Pokémon to have in your party with its ability Run Away which guarantees escape from any wild Pokémon. Whereas with wild Pikachu, have a 5% chance of holding Light Ball which enhances Pikachu's Sp. Attack.

When you are ready head south from the Safari Zone and use Surf to reach Route 122.

Route 122

Route 122

This is a small route where north takes you to Route 121 and south takes you to Route 123. All you need to do here is use Surf to head to the south and enter Mt. Pyre which is above the south exit.

Mt. Pyre

Once at Mt. Pyre as you explore the 1F you will notice two doors, one at the west end and the other at the north end. While the one on the west end is the one you need to take, we'll go north first to collect items and battle trainers.


You can find Shuppet and Duskull here and decide to catch them. Wild Shuppet and Duskull, have a 5% chance of holding Spell Tag which enhances Ghost-type moves.


Mt. Pyre Summit

Once back on the 1F take the west exit to reach outside area of Mt. Pyre. There is nothing to do here other than face wild Pokémon such as Vulpix. Head to the north exit to reach the summit.


At the summit you will face Team Aqua grunts.

Once you are done with them you will see Archie who are frustrated by your continued interference but know it is alright as they have now have the Red Orb and they quickly retreat revealing their teams' next target is near to Mt. Chimney.

Route 123

Route 123

Before heading onto this route make sure that to have Pokémon on your team know Fly and Cut as it will help with make things convenient. Once on the route head east and cut the tree to find a hidden trainer. Then head west to find another Berry grove and talk to the girl next to it and if you have a Grass-type Pokémon with you she will give you TM19 (Giga Drain).

As you head west you will notice a lot of ledges that you can use to head to the part of this route you visited earlier. Because of the ledges, it is impossible to get every item on this route the first time through so you will have to fly back to Lilycove City once you reach the end and return to this route to start from the beginning again.

Team Magma Hideout

The Magma Hideout entrance

First, fly (or walk) to Lavaridge Town, then either go to Jagged Pass and use an Acro Bike to get up the bumps, or go to Mt. Chimney and then head south to Jagged Pass. At this point, the Magma Emblem, received at Mt. Pyre, will activate an earthquake and the entrance to Team Magma Hideout will open up.

2F room 1
2F room 2
3F room 1
3F room 2
3F room 3
2F room 3

After defeating Tabitha again, go up to Maxie, who has awakened Groudon with the Blue Orb. Groudon flees, but Maxie notices you and will challenge you to a battle.

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