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A New Oath

A New Oath.png
Aratanaru Chikai
A New Oath
Artist 田村直美
Naomi Tamura
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Pikachu Records single
Title Ready Go!
Catalog no. ZMCP-1399

A New Oath (Japanese: 新たなる誓い Aratanaru Chikai) is the Japanese opening theme for the TV Pokémon movie, The Legend of Thunder!. A remixed version of the song was also used as the ending theme for the same special.

Opening animation


The Pocket Monsters logo, "ポケットモンスター" (Pocket Monsters), appears together with "クリスタル" (Crystal), shines, then changes to the title "ライコウ 雷の伝説" (Raikou - Legend of Thunder). Jimmy is looking at a stadium, then he shows a Poké Ball. His Typhlosion is battling a Nidoking. Vincent, Marina and Jimmy are in a flashback, with their starters (Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil). Jimmy is seen losing a battle against Silver. Jimmy and his Cyndaquil are running, Cyndaquil evolves to Quilava, then to Typhlosion. After becoming stronger, the duo wins a battle against Silver, and celebrates. A bolt of lightning is seen. Attila and Hun are seen. Jimmy's Typhlosion battles Hun's Steelix and Attila's Skarmory. Marina poses to the camera. Vincent appears. Professor Sebastian and Eugene are looking at the sky. Jimmy is holding a Poké Ball, and his Typhlosion appears. Attila's Skarmory, Hun's Steelix, Jimmy's Typhlosion, Marina's Misdreavus, Vincent's Meganium, and Raikou are seen. Marina, Jimmy, Vincent, their Pokémon and Raikou appear.





Japanese English
Ah! 新しい 風に吹かれても
変わらない おれの夢
そう! ポケモンマスター!

まだまだ 世界は ひろいって
地平線が おしえてくれてるよ
まだまだ ゴールは とおいって
わかると逆に もえちゃうぜ!

まぶしくて おおきくて もえてる
あの朝日に ひとり誓う
“ぜったい 負けない!”

Ah! 新しい大地に 立っても
変わらない おれの道
ララ 風といっしょに!


やさしくて おおきくて しずかな
”守ってよ みんなを”

負けそうに なることも あるけど
そうさ みんなで行くんだ!

Ah! 新しい鳴き声きこえても
変わらない このセリフ
そう! ゲットだぜイエー!

Ah! あたらしい ライバル 現れても
変わらない 好奇心
さあ! バトルしようぜ!
Ah! Even if I'm blown by a new wind
My dream won't change
That's right! Pokémon Master!

Still a way to go: the world is wide
The horizon tells me that
Still a way to go: my goal is far away
I know that, but instead it gets me fired up!

Dazzling and large it burns
Alone I swear to that morning sun
"I absolutely won't lose!"

Ah! Even if I stand in a new land
My road won't change
La-la, with the wind!

There are still new friends to meet,
I feel when I see the horizon
There is a lot to do still -
I'm strangely happy to think that!

To this this gentle, quiet, and wide
Setting sun I swear
"Protect us all"

Sometimes I feel I'm losing,
But on this adventure I'm not alone
So let's walk all together!

Ah! Even if I listen to a new cry
This word won't change
So! Get them, yeah!

Ah! Even if a new rival appears
My curiosity won't change
C'mon! Let's battle!


Silver's cameo
  • Silver makes a cameo in this opening, when he appears with his Nidoking after defeating Jimmy.
  • The first sentence of the lyrics makes references on the motto of New Bark Town, "Where Winds of a New Beginning Blow".

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